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HF-Motorspindel 8015 air cooled 1.5 kW


HF-Motorspindel 8015 air cooled 1.5 kW

Here you can find our air cooled HF-Spindles. These Spindles are driven by a variable-speed asynchronous motor which is known for its excellent smooth running and constant torque characteristics even at low rotation speed.

The cooling is assured by the integrated cooling fan with a low noise which is almost not hearable below 300 Hz. At 400 Hz you can compare the fan noise with the noise of a running PC.

Due to no external cooling aggregate is necessary, the air cooled spindles are dedicated for setting up a HF-Spindle system for a very low price and easy installation. We recommend these spindles primarily to customers who use them in hobby applications.

With a weight of only 3.9 kg, a shaft driven active air cooling, and an unbeatable price, this HF-Spindle is the first choice as light milling or engraving spindle for small machines.

– HF-Spindle HFS-8015-AC
– clamping nut

Required accessories (not included):